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welcome to the ewca ulaanbaatar alumi blog

This Blog corner is an enriching platform to the diverse community of the East-West Center associations across the USA and the Asia -Pacific Region to share stories, publication, articles and thoughts of members of the EWCA Ulaanbaatar Chapter

The East-West Center Association (EWCA) represents the 65,000 individuals who have participated in East-West Center programs since it was established in 1960. The EWCA provides many programs and services for its members throughout Asia, the Pacific, and the United States. These services and programs are designed to support the Center’s mission to help build an Asia Pacific Community and to extend the outreach of the East-West Center.

East-West Center Association Ulaanbaatar Chapter was established in 2018 and officially launched in Ulaanbaatar city with fellow alumnae in October, 2019. There are over 50 East-West Center programs alumnae from Mongolia in diverse fields including academia, journalism, women empowerment, politics, public service, non-profit, mining, business and private industries.

This blog platform is a platform to share the views, thoughts, publications and intellectual work of EWCA Ulaanbaatar Chapter members to share common values as well as opinions on variety of topics in our expertise in Mongolia.

Aloha and Bayarlalaa

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